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“Good Roads in Arkansas” Christian Science Monitor, July 23, 1913: 13.

St. Louis Republic ­ The Ozark Trails Association has just been organized at Monte Ne, Ark. Its purpose is to promote the building of good roads in the territory extending as far north as St. Louis; west to Oklahoma City, Wichita and Kansas City; south to Rogers, Ark.; and east of Monte Ne. The plan of the organization seems effective. Vice-presidents elected from the four states of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, which comprise the territory, together with the president of the association, will constitute the executive board. The territory is divided into districts and premiums amounting to annually in value to $2000, to be given as prizes for the best road building, will it is thought, stimulate a healthy rivalry among the districts. A touch of the picturesque is added to the scheme by the proposal that each district shall have one central road on which at half-mile intervals will be erected white pillars bearing the inscription “Ozark Trails.” The association expects to have a yearly fund of $5000 with which to conduct a continuous campaign of good-roads promotion and look after the upkeep of good roads once they are built. The designated territory has a population of 5,000,000, something more than 400 towns and a remarkable variety of products. On this thumb-nail of the continent, so to speak, may be seen the plantation where still survive the best traditions of the ante-bellum times; long hills transformed into vineyards by a patient, thrifty folk with whom our language is still a struggle; the typical American built city almost in a day, factory and mine and twentieth century farm, and about all the wild glory of the Ozarks. All the region needs to make it marvelously productive and profitable and to become one of the scenic highways of the world is good roads. The Ozark Trails Association may have hit precisely upon the right plan.